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Cat Care Unit

Aim of Project

Creating an automated cat unit to covers cats' basic needs unit while controlling over camera for cat owner 

Target Users

Cat owners who need to leave their houses in a short period



Cats can stay alone for a maximum 3 days.

Security problems arise when people leave their home to care givers.

Access to clean water contributes to cats’ health.

Litterbox, food and water dispensers doesn’t exist in one unit. Cat owners can not track their cats when they are away from their home.

86 million cats were adopted in U.S.** this data belongs to 2015

cat eploration.jpg


Litter box placed in the back 


Camera trigger for monitoring cat’s daily activities.

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Ergonomic purposes considered for holders.

Holders are removable from the body for cleaning purpose.

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When cat leaves the unit, scoop collects the falling litter particles from cat’ paw back the litter box before entering house.

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When cat leaves the unit the scoop starts to work for clean feces.


The shape of scoop collects feces waste to pour 

Scoop’ top parts open the waste box.



Servo Motor

Litter Box


Dirty Litter Box


Water Box

Food Box

*Renders made colorful on purpose to show differences.

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