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Aim of Project

How to raise awareness for earthquake and reduce panic at that moment

Target Users


People who lives in earthquake zones


In this project, Lund University Master Industrial Design department had a collaboration with UNOPS and Sony. Sony gave a brief about creating a project based on service design and there was a collaboration with UNOPS to meet at least one of the sustainable goals.



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earthquake 03.png
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Having panic can paralyze the decision making part on brain and lead to fatal outcomes

Individuals do not know to reach information and not aware

Uncertainty is another barrier to postpone activities to make

There are many wrong facts commonly believed as true, such as running from the building during the earthquake and hiding under the table.

Face to face talking is beneficial to share emotions and help for preparedness together. 

Caring for others and teamwork boost motivation emotions of taking actions for preparedness.

It has been proven that practicing, taking precautions (unstructured preparedness), breathing exercises have motivating effect for panic.

The use of interactive information in combination with passive information is potentially the best way to raise knowledge




Interview with AFAD, an official earthquake organization in Turkey, Istanbul


-What is the main need do you think? 

They are not taking earthquake seriously

-How to overcome panic situation?

Practicing a lot is crucial.

-How AFAD reach people after earthquake if people can’t inform their locations? 
AFAD is looking the apartment residence list and they look under debris until they determine each person.

-Does life triangle changes according to different environments?
Not really, it depends of people’s consciousness level and their perception. There is same rule for everywhere. People should look in every environment appropriate places.



How does it work?

To reduce panic it is crucial to have preparedness and information

Best way to give information combination of interactive and passive

Trusting organization is crucial for individuals to take actions

collaboration with a brand to promote and attract attention

accomplish to these feature service have several parts

outdoor activities

mobile  application

Untitled_Artwork (4).png
Untitled_Artwork (4).png
Untitled_Artwork (4).png
Untitled_Artwork (4).png
Untitled_Artwork (4).png


Buying Package


QR Code Using





Getting Notification

Going to Activities


Collaboration with a brand to promote and attract attention

package design

There are some extra tools will come with the package, going to applied with mobile application. Tools are for fixing furniture and lock design for cabinet covers.

ui design
ui design
ui design

Mobile Application

ui design
ui design
ui design
ui design

Mobile app parts

Preparedness for indoor environment.

Practicing helps to learn how to act during earthquake. 

Meditation helps to relax in emergency situation

Planning for before earthquake with others such as where to meet, who to call.


Customizing avatars helps users to feel connected with the app

ui design
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iPhone 6, 7, 8 – 21.jpg
iPhone 6, 7, 8 – 8.jpg
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iPhone 6, 7, 8 – 15.jpg
iPhone 6, 7, 8 – 16.jpg
iPhone 6, 7, 8 – 13.jpg
iPhone 6, 7, 8 – 28.jpg
iPhone 6, 7, 8 – 29.jpg
ui design
ui design
ui design
ui design
ui design
ui design
ui design
ui design
ui design
ui design


In the UI design gamification applied. The techniques of levelling for having addictive feature, goals for triggering to keep using and interaction helps for social connection used.

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Outdoor activity

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