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Conceptual Green House for Mars Mission


Aim of Project


Creating bioregenerative system which will provide nutrients to crew members for preventing radiation.


Target Users

Crew members for long duration to Mars

*In this project Lund University Master Industrial Design Department had collaboration with University of Houston. During this collaboration we had many guest lecturers from Nasa.



nasa 01.png
nasa 02.png
nasa 03.png

Bioregenerative systems can help to terraform Mars

Deficiency by nutrient levels in frozen food

High cancer treats occur in high cosmic radiation​

Many different type of hydroponic systems available for water efficiency and easy to grow plants

Brassica vegetables are anti-oxidant rich nutrient level foods, especially broccoli is suitable with the conditions of raising in winter and easy to grow in hydroponics

Circular forms and segmented surfaces more suitable for durability Mars’s extreme conditions



Experiment with microgreens and hydroponics

During the project, experiment with plants conducted in order to understand characteristics of hydroponics and microgreens. Results from hydroponics are positive and convenient to grow broccoli in hydroponics. However, first batch of microgreens had problem with mold. In second batch, there are two experiment started together. With paper germination did not started, with soil germination started partly and rest of all grow normally.


Placement of light fixtures and aeroponics

Placement of aeroponics


Placement of light fixtures

Automated aeroponic and microgreen system can start growing according to their harvesting time before crew members reach to Mars and start in different cycles.

1 vegetable can be eaten by 2 person per meal, aeroponic system can feed to 2 months for 6 crew members.

ana render.jpg


ana rener.1270.png

Aeroponics are one of the type of hydroponics, most efficient option for water usage and enables vertical usage for plants

Requires 12-16 hours light per day

Degree requirement is between 12-21 °C

Hydroponics enable growing different typle of plants in the same environment

Should be spray water on the roots



ana rener.1283.jpg

If there is no air flow mold happens, with this reason ventilators placed in front of the each boxes

Can be grown in the dark

Can be harvested in 7 days

Optimal degree is 20-25 °C

Microgreens nutrient levels higher 10 times more than vegetables


ana rener.1272.jpg

Aeroponic structures parts designed as rotating and moving horizontally for crew members to enable to reach every part. 

2 photo plumbing collectors placed top of the dome to transfer light to indoor

Diameter of dome is 750 cm ø and height is 560 cm.

Supportive pack will reach to Mars 6 months before crew members landing and greenhouse will reach at the same time 

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